Beeswax Wraps Refresher Bars

Beeswax Wraps Refresher Bars

Wax Wrap Refresher Bar

Wax bars to revamp your old "not very sticky" wax  wraps.  Sometimes the wraps get floppy and a bit flimsy, overwashed or and worn after months of use, but these refresher bars will breath some life (and stick!) back into them! 

Contains 3 x Bars (total of approx 33g) 

How to revive your wrap

You will need:- 

  • Kitchen Grater
  • Iron (Absoloutly No Steam, & Medium heat setting)
  • Baking, Parchment, or Grease proof paper.


  1. Grate the wax block over the top of the wrap which needs reviving, a little goes a long way, half of the bar will easily cover a 30cm square wrap.
  2. Put down your baking paper/protection & lay the wax wrap on top.
  3. Sprinkle the  the grated wax, evenly where you need it (or all over if it needs a general revitalise!)
  4. Place another piece of baking paper/greasproof over the top of the fabric.
  5. Carefully iron the top of the paper, until all of the grated was is melted. - BE CAREFUL - the wax will melt and spread under the heat of the iron - watch out for it coming out of the sides.
  6. Once the wax is melted and evenly distributed, carefully peel away the top layer of paper. Then peel away the fabric by the corners from the bottom piece of paper. Hold the wrap with your fingertips for around 30-60 seconds until dry.


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