About Us

Happy Valley Honey is set in Bollington, which sits in the foothills of the Peak District, with the city of Manchester to the north. Our 130+ colonies of worker bees pollinate British crops and harvest nectar from the surrounding towns and villages.

Happy Valley Honey all started back from a conversation in a local pub, after a walk around the surrounding hills and countryside some 15 years ago. Little did we know that it would grow beyond our initial dream of keeping some bees.

We are now a thriving family-run hive of activity, supplying pure English honey to customers throughout Cheshire and surrounding areas.

Now in stock alongside our Cheshire Blossom and Soft Set is a specialist range of English honey harvested from Blueberries, Borage and the Peak District Heather Moors. 

All our honey is sustainably sourced, direct from our own bees or other similar British bee farmers for our specialist range.

All our honey is cold extracted, coarsely filtered to retain goodness, and never blended or pasteurised.