Polystyrene Hives

Honey Paw polystyrene beehives are a result of over 20 years of beekeeping, research and development.

Hives are tested and proven to work in extreme conditions of Finland’s harsh winter. Honey Paw’s polystyrene bee hive boxes are light weight but designed to last for many years of use. The hive material density is over 100 kg / m3 which makes it by far the thickest EPS hive on the market.

Poly hives offer exceptional thermal performance with higher honey production, unique and ergonomic design with an optional pollen trap and top feeder.

The higher insulation capability works in both hot and cold weather conditions keeping hive warm during the cold winter and keeping the excess warmth out of the hive hot summer

Honey Paw expanded polystyrene (EPS) bee hives material is better, stronger and has a higher thermal value than normal polystyrene beehives or styrofoam beehives.

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