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Langstroth Polystyrene Nucleus Hive




Honey Paw nucleus hive provide the best thermal performance for small colonies

nHoney Paw's Langstroth Polystyrene Nucleus Hive is small beehive that can be used various ways.nNucs comes in 4 frame capacity and can be used when splitting the hive, queen rearing or wintering "spare queens".nNuc boxes are made of same high quality material as the normal size Honey Paw beehive boxes ( expanded polystyrene "EPS" with density of over 100 kg / m3).nNuc beehive boxes are provided flat packed and are assembled in the same way as the full size beehive body.n

Honey Paw's Langstroth Polystyrene Nucleus Hive can be used in double nuc beehive: 2x 4 frame Nuc = 10 frame normal beebox

nLangstroth Polystyrene Nucleus HivennDouble Nuc beehive can bee formed either using normal size beehive bottom or with two nuc's hive bottoms. With double nuc hive you can use Honey Paw's 15 L feeder and beehive roof to cover the whole double nuc beehive complete. Colored sheet between the boxes demonstrate the use of queen excluder.