Blueberry Honey


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There’s a kind of alchemy at play when honeybees feed on blueberry flowers. While we beekeepers are delighted to be helping British fruit farmers to pollinate their crops, we have to admit to an ulterior motive: there’s nothing quite like the taste of blueberry honey.


A clear and luminous shade of amber, our blueberry honey smells like a summer meadow. Unlike artificially flavoured blueberry-infused honeys, the taste of true blueberry blossom honey is delicate, sweet and complex. A subtle twist of blueberry fruitiness blends with earthy and floral notes to make a honey that’s light, silky smooth and deliciously intense.


In recent years it’s been getting easier to find excellent British blueberries on our supermarket shelves. But it’s not just British fruit-farmers who deserve the credit for this, it’s our hardworking honeybees too! A good blueberry harvest is only possible with the help of pollinating insects, but even an abundant crop of fruit yields only a modest amount of honey. For those of us who love blueberry honey, the knowledge that’s only ever available in small quantities does nothing but increase the appetite! In early summer, when the first precious tub of blueberry honey arrives in our warehouse, fresh from the harvest, we do all that we can to preserve the complexity of the flavour. We filter the honey only coarsely and we never heat it beyond the temperature it would naturally reach in the hive.


Try it… drizzled over Greek yoghurt, summer fruits and granola; melted into your favourite herbal tea or trickled over scones, waffles or pancakes


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This honey is like no other, it has a unique taste and completed a perfect hot lemon tea drink. I recommend this product and advise you to get it.

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