Blossom Honey




While we often place hives in locations where the bees will feed from – and pollinate – particular crops; our Blossom Honey is truly multi-floral. The recipe for its success is a secret even from us. Only the honeybees – connoisseurs of the herbs, wildflowers and garden blooms that thrive in our little corner of Cheshire – know the most enticing sources of nectar from one season to the next. Collected from hives dotted around Kerridge, Bollington, Adlington and Mottram, this is the original Happy Valley Honey.


These bees live right amongst us and their honey is the taste of our meadows, hedgerows and farmers’ fields - and our own back gardens.


Light, sweet and fragrant, our Blossom Honey is British summertime in a jar. Every year the taste will be subtly different, but it is always smooth, gentle and beautifully-balanced. It’s the perfect store cupboard honey because it’s so versatile – although we can’t guarantee how much honey you’ll find left in the jar when you need it, if you’ve left it within easy reach of the rest of your family!


Try it… swirled into homemade ice cream or melted into a sneaky hot toddy, this multi-talented honey can do whatever you need of it.  It makes a wonderful pecan granola and is perfect for baked treats like baklava and honey cake. From glazed roast carrots to an indulgent rhubarb fool, if you’re collecting recipes to use with your own home-grown fruits and vegetables, the honey from your garden is an essential ingredient.


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This is the best honey around that I've found so far... local, raw (not heated above 45), and course filtered. I'm really happy I found you guys! Fantastic.

My favourite honey ... thank you for delivering!

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