We produce three types of honey which are very different in taste and texture from each other and represent the changing seasons.

Our soft set honey is produced in the spring and consists of mainly oil seed nectar which is high in glucose and sets quickly. It has a fine grained texture that has the consistence of butter, working the bees on oil seed is a fantastic experience with colonies expanding quickly.

As the season moves on and the the choice of nectar available becomes more abundant and diverse the bees produce a blossom honey. This honey can contain anything from blackberry to rose bay willow herb, privet and lime tree. with the colonies at their largest some can produce over 100 lb in honey as the flows come and go.

Now right at the end of the year we move the very strongest colonies to the heather moors to produce a heather honey. this honey for me is like no other in taste being full of flavour with a slight bitterness to it.

Ultimately its down to personal choice but if you fancy something different I urge you to try something different.

As our honey isn’t overly filtered or headed it will all set naturally.

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