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Honey Paw Wax Press 350


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Wax Press with capacity of 350 kg / hour. Ideal when used with automatic uncapping machine. n nStart the process by putting the wax and honey mixture in to the wax press' hopper. n nHopper feeds the honey and wax into the rotating screw which starts carrying the mixture towards the screw's end. n nHoney is separated from wax by screw's pressing force and the honey flows out of the screw cylinder holes into the separate honey sump. n nHoney is pre-filtered and collected into wax press' honey sump. Wax keeps pressing at the end of the screw from where it can be collected in to a bucket. n nHoney Paw wax press doesn't require any additional heating. Also the honey and wax doesn't need to be pre-heated. n nWax press comes with the hiqh quality control unit enabling to set the desired rotation speed and direction. n
  • Strong stainless steel structure
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  • Porwerful 1,5 kW motor
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  • Honey sump ~70 liter with removable filter cover
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  • 100 mm (4 inches) outlet can be convered into 50mm (2 inches) with conversion kit
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  • Electricity requirements 220/240 V (single phase). Works also in 110/120V with separate power inverter.
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