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Extracting Line With 40 Frame Extractor


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Extracting Line With 40 Frame Extractor


Honey Paw's 40 frame honey extraction line is a complete solution for professional beekeepers.

nExtraction line is supplied partially assembled with comprehensive installation manual. n

Complete extraction line includes:

n- Automatic uncapping machine with special water heated blades (optimal uncapping speed 5-8 frames / min) n n- Water heating unit 3000 W for uncapper blades (heats blades up to 97 celcius degrees / ~206 Fahrenheit) n n- Loading and unloading tracks for frames n n- 40 Frame (adjustable) horizontal extractor with manual controls and powerful 1,5 kW motor n n- Honey pump n n- Level sensor for controlling the honey pump automatically n n- Honey sump 100 L n n- Wax press 350 kg / h with ~70l sump and filter cover n nDimensions of the complete line: n nLenght: 410 cm n nWidth (extractor): 168 cm n nHeight (uncapping machine): 176 cm