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Ambrosia Syrup 12.5KG Jerry Can


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** Unfortunately we are out of stock, however we can reccomend Apimix wich can be found here **

Ambrosia Syrup 12.5 KG Jerry can

Ambrosia syrup is a liquid ready made feed with a balanced sugar spectrum (fructose, dextrose, sucrose), based on beet sugar of the purest quality. The high percentage of fructose and lower portion of glucose prevents the formation of crystals in the combs. The high sugar concentration makes the syrup resistant to microbiological decay. The ideal combination of the sugar type spectrum ensures the bee’s optimal use of the nutritional components. The nutrient concentration is approx. 72.7 percent. 1 kg (or, 1 litre) Ambrosia syrup is 0.73 kg (1 kg) sugar crystals.

Ambrosia syrup is particularly beneficial in the early and later winter feeding:

  • The formulation comes the closest to natural Bee feed.
  • Effortless acceptance and utilization-less inversion work needed.
  • Conserves the bee’s energy balance. Tests showered energetic advantages on a scale of 15 %.
  • High resistance to microbiological decay leads to longer shelf life.
  • Hygienic, time-saving, and practical handling.

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